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Monster of the Apocalypse

This is an amazingly great read!!! C.HENRY gives us a buffet for our senses. While creating a "quickly drawn in" plot; the reader's imagination becomes the characters, colors, vistas, tension, and victories. The author leaves us WANTING THE NEXT BOOK...I have recommended this to readers of non Sci-Fi as we'll. a true 'page turner'!
--Amazon reviewer

The character development is spot on. The plot is captivating, thought provoking and introspective. It's a poignant and moving story.
--Amazon reviewer

I really enjoyed the book! Found it a bit scary though, because it was so totally possible, I kind of like to keep my head buried in the sand, so I'll continue to think of it as a work of fiction. :) Buy it! Read it, you won't regret it!!!
--Amazon reviewer

There Where the Power Lies

Martens has done a craft-worthy job of kneading and molding the variety of situations that his story covers. Then he tweaked it all to set the storyline into the near-future---a time when very-human-like androids are prevalent in almost every part of society. Most are benign and helpful, but some were created to serve evil. It is from this premise that Martens’ tale begins to unfold, exposing a variety of characters and situations....The book is a page-turner that you could devour in two cross-country airplane rides, or during a free weekend.
--C. Van Tune, former Editor-in-Chief for Motor Trend Magazine


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